Such changes will spread across the world like a breath of fresh air, and the past will be gradually fade away like a very bad dream.


一个新的正在诞生,并升起犹如凤凰从灰烬中重生。Yet at the same time the new one is being born, and rising like the phoenix from its ashes.

SaLuSa 13-September-2010

It is not just the U.S, that has paid its respects to those who died in the tragedy that was 9/11, but the whole world remembers the human loss involved. There is in a manner of speaking another tragedy, inasmuch that the media still generally refers to it as a terrorist attack yet the facts tell otherwise. For people who are sufficiently experienced to voice a professional point of view as to what took place, there is frustration that there has been no official acknowledgement of their findings. This situation will remain until greater freedom of speech is allowed, and an independent enquiry takes place. At present there are still too many people with power, who have collaborated in the false terrorist attack who can exert pressure upon those anxious to release the truth. There is also anger that the Government still holds to the official version, even although it is quiet clear that it cannot possibly answer all of the questions. We want to tell you that all of those involved in the conspiracy will be exposed, and they will answer for their crimes against Humanity. In the greater scheme of things, every soul will face every action that has led to the injury or death of another soul.

从某种意义上说,另外一个悲剧是媒体仍然普遍把它当做一件恐和谐怖分子袭击事件,然而事实说的又是另外一回事。那些十分有经验的人们关于发生了 什么表达一种专业的观点,他们的发现始终没有得到官方的承认而受挫。这种状况将会持续直到更大的言论自由被允许,和一种独立询问的发生。目前,仍然有太多 的拥有权力的人们,与虚假的恐和谐怖袭击的论调合作,他们能向那些渴望发布真相的人们施加压力。也有对政府尽管十分清楚它不可能回答得了全部的问题,却仍 然坚持官方版本而感到的愤怒。我们想要告诉你们,所有那些参与这个阴谋的人都会被曝光,他们将要为他们的反人类的罪行负责。在事情的更大的蓝图中,每一个 灵魂将面对每一个导致另一个灵魂伤害或死亡的行为。
We do not wish to dwell on 9/11 as the truth of what happened on that fatal day is becoming public knowledge. It has not achieved the results that the dark Ones desired, but as a result it has brought about a new set of tough security laws. All of these contrived situations are simply to exercise stricter controls over your freedom of movement. In the long term your freedom will be restored, as once a new Government is established it will be based upon your inherent sovereign rights. Such changes will spread across the world like a breath of fresh air, and the past will be gradually fade away like a very bad dream. The dark Ones have played out their hand, and have been defeated. It is now a matter of sweeping up after them, and bringing in the long awaited changes that will enrich people’s lives.

我们不想详述9 /11,因为关于在那致命的一天发生了什么的真相正变成公开的了解。它并没有实现黑暗者所渴望的结果,但是作为一个结果它带来了一套新的强硬的安全法规。 所有这些人为的情形仅仅是为了在你们的自由行动上行使更加严格的控制。从长远来看你们的自由会被恢复,一旦一个新的政府被建立,它将基于你们的与生俱来的 主权。这样的改变就像一阵新鲜空气席卷世界,过去会像一个非常糟糕的梦那样逐渐褪色。黑暗者们用完了它们的手段,已经被击败。现在是一个在它们之后的大清 扫的问题,并引入长久等待的改变,它丰富人们的生活。

Matters change day to day but one thing is for sure, and that is your victory and subsequent elevation into the higher dimensions. It has been planned for eons of time, and in spite of what may appear to be setbacks it advances in a most acceptable way. The chaos that you are experiencing now is unavoidable as the old system breaks down, but that is necessary to make the room for a totally new civilisation that is now emerging. So many of you came into this period of time, because you have the skills and understanding that will be needed to surge ahead. You might reflect on the fact that you have created your reality, but it was at a higher level that the divine plan was conceived and it will not change except for divine intervention.

态在一天一天地变化,但有一件事是肯定的,那就是你们的胜利和随后的提升进入更高维度中。它已经被计划了亿万年的时间,不管什么事情可能好象是 挫折,它在以一个最可接受的方式前进。当旧的系统崩溃的时候,你们现在正在经验的混乱是不可避免的,不过这是有必要的去为一个正在形成的全新的文明腾出空 间。你们当中如此多的人来到这一段时间,因为你们拥有在前方的大风大浪中被需要的技能和理解。你们也许会想到是你们创造了你们的现实这一事实,不过是在一 个更高的层次,神圣的计划被构思出来,除非神的介入否则它不会改变。

The energies that are directed to Earth continue to lift up your vibrations, and are affecting your physical bodies in a beneficial way. It is too early for many of you to register the changes, but there will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections. The nearer you get to Ascension a quickening will take place, until you are finally ready for the great upliftment. By then of course, we will have been with you for quite a time guiding you along. So you can see that we are essential to your progress, and we are excitedly waiting for the first opportunity to present ourselves to you.

 些不会支持任何存在的缺陷。你们越靠近扬升,一指向地球的这个能量继续提升你们的振动,并且正在以一个有益的方式影响着你们的身体。对你们之中的许多人来说它还太早而没有显示出变化,不过最终 会有一个你们身体细胞的再生。你们正开始进入你们的扬升身体,这种活跃会发生,直到你们终于准备好伟大的提 升。当然到那时以前,我们将有相当一段时间一直与你们在一起指导你们向前。因此你们能够明白了对于你们的进步来说,我们是必不可少的,我们在兴奋地等待着 第一次向你们展现我们自己的机会。

We cannot promise you that things will improve yet, as the financial conditions being experienced at present have not yet bottomed out. Your civilisation is collapsing, and it cannot be saved from the implosion that is taking place. Yet at the same time the new one is being born, and rising like the phoenix from its ashes. Civilisations come and go quite often but whereas of late there has been a downward trend, your time has come for yours to take that great leap forward. The cycle of duality is finally at an end, and you will soon enter a peaceful and happy period.

我们还不能够向你们保证,情况会好转,因为目前被经验的金融状况尚未降至最低点。你们的文明正在崩塌,它不可能从正在发生的内爆(注释1)中得救。 然而与此同时,一个新的正在诞生,并升起犹如凤凰从灰烬中重生。文明经常来了又去,但是鉴于近来有一个向下的趋势,你们的时间已经为你们跨出那伟大的向前 一跃而来到。这个二元性的循环终于结束,你们很快会进入一个和平和幸福的时期。

The future beckons and you are beginning to envisage its attraction after the darkness you have experienced. There were times when you knew no different and life seemed to be utterly bleak without any real chance of it changing. What few of you understood was that Heaven was lovingly watching over you, and planning your release into the Light. At any given time greater souls have always incarnated upon Earth, to keep you aware of your true selves. The truth was not always shared around, for reasons that its survival depended upon it being preserved by those who were already at a higher level of understanding. However, the Light cannot be extinguished as everything that already is depends upon it for its existence. In effect all that the dark does is highlight the lack of Light, and it is through such experiences that you grow spiritually.

未来在召唤,在你们经历了黑暗之后,你们正在开始正视它的吸引力。有些时候你们知道没有什么不同,生活似乎是完全的黯淡无望的,没有任何真正改变 的机会。你们中几乎没有人明白的是天堂正慈爱地守护着你们,并规划着你们的释放进入光中。在任何给定的时间更大的灵魂总是投生在地球上,为了保持你们意识 到你们的真实自我。由于真理(在地球上)的幸存取决于它被那些已经处于一个更高的理解水平的人的保藏,因此真理并不总是被四处分享。然而,光无法被熄灭, 因为万物业已依赖于它而存在。实际上,所有的黑暗的确突显了光之缺乏,就是通过这样的经验你们在灵性上成长。

Your individual journeys are almost at an end, so enjoy the prospect of it all changing for the better because you need not return to duality again. Let the upsets and worries of everyday life; be measured against the bright and happy future that is just around the corner. Set your sights upon all that is good and wholesome, and ignore those who would have it otherwise. The dark Ones will still be around and they too will learn something from you. One day they will find the Light that still shines within, even if it is now veiled by the darkness they have created.

你们各自的旅程几乎要结束了,因此,请欢喜于它所有的为了更好而改变的前景,因为你们不需要再回到二元性了。让日常生活中的烦扰和担忧,与就在拐角 处的光明和幸福的未来相对比。把你们的目光置于一切美好和健全的事物上,忽视那些想要以别的方式拥有它的人。黑暗者仍然会在你们周围,它们也会从你们身上 学到一些东西。有一天,它们会找到依然在内心发光的光,即使它现在被它们创造的黑暗所隐藏。

Our presence is to help all souls, and we do not choose one soul over another where our help is concerned. It is up to each individual to decide in which direction their future is going, and regardless of their choice they will be treated with kindness and love. That is the only way to penetrate the darkness, and help those souls who are trapped. Let no one believe that they are superior to another soul, and know that it is not the way of those who have become spiritually enlightened. Love is the powerful energy of the Creator and holds all of creation together.

我们的存在是为了帮助所有的灵魂,在我们的帮助中,我们并不挑选一个灵魂超过另一个。是由每个个体来决定他们的未来正走向哪个方向,不管他们的选 择是什么,他们都会被以仁慈和爱对待。这是唯一的穿透黑暗,和帮助那些陷入困境的灵魂们的办法。不要相信他们是优于另一个灵魂的,并且知道它并不是属于那 些已经在精神上觉醒的人的方式。爱是属于造物主的强大能量,并把所有的造物结合在一起。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you for seeking out the truth, and I hope that in your search you find the answers you seek. Follow your intuition, and be prepared to change direction when the need arises.


Thank you SaLuSa.谢谢你们
Mike Quinsey.


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