随着改变你们的意识级别会提高,你们对于“伟大真理”的理解力也会提升10倍或更多。你们会很自然的变得更加具有洞察力,所有这些改变都是把你推向 并成为一个“银河存有”。

未来是金色的,将与你们的 过去形成对比。你们将有自由旅行的能力,带着“约束”的体验会消失。

作为一个拜访者参观你的星际家庭是多么吸引人,重拾那些在你记忆中 与你有过联系的人的美好记忆。


【银河联邦】SaLuSa 10月22日信息

You have great expectations where the next few months are concerned, and rightly so as we have intimated that the time has arrived for action. As we recently mentioned, we are now at a point where certain issues must brought to fruition. Our patience and that of our allies has been commendable, but it wears thin in the face of repeated refusals by the dark Ones to withdraw. We will therefore place them in a position where there is only one way out. It will see the end of their power base, and the loss of their ability to dictate the future to the whole world. The New Year will herald a string of surprising developments, although you do have some basic awareness of what is in store. We desire to give the world back to you, and with it will come the power to make it possible.

你们对于接下来的几个月将发生什么有很大的期望,我们对于此有周密的安排。如我们最近提到的,我们现在是在一个时点,事件必须取得成果。虽然我们耐 性,我们的盟友也取得了可喜的成果,但是还是有来自黑暗势力的面具薄纱需要清理。因此我们把他们孤立起来,只有一条路可以选择。他们力量的终结就要看到, 他们失去对整个未来的影响力。虽然你们还是有一些基本的觉醒意识需要呈现出来,新的一年将开始于今年的惊喜进程,我们希望把世界还给你们,随之而来的是权 利的回归。

There are beautiful souls on Earth simply waiting the opportunity to give of their knowledge, and help establish a new power base that fully represents what the people want. War and Peace are not natural bedfellows, and peace will become the rally call that will draw immense support all over the world. People have had enough of their families and lives being destroyed by the ambition of those who would rule the world. Dictators have no place in the future, and instead sharing will become the way of life. The changes will move mankind onto a new path, and nothing will then be able to delay Ascension. It is important that every soul is aware of the marvelous opportunity to ascend, and we are most anxious that the media is released from controls and censorship. Your news is adulterated and contrived to keep the truth from reaching you, but that will change and journalists given the freedom to report the news as it is. One man controls too many outlets, and that is not going to allow free speech. However, we do note that there is a gradual move towards freer expression, but it is far from satisfactory.

有许多美丽的地球灵魂在等待着机会把他们的知识传授给你们,帮助建立新的那只服务人民意愿的力量基础。战争与和平的较量不再是自然现象,和平会成为 真实的号令覆盖支持全世界。人民已经受够了,他们的家庭和生活被破坏,来自那些用野心号令世界的人们。“独裁者”在未来没有席位,取而代之的只有“分享” 之道。改变会把人类推向新的高度,没有什么事情可以延迟扬升。每个灵魂都觉知整体扬升的目的是非常重要的,我们最焦虑的是“媒体”能从“控制”和“审查” 中解放。你们的新闻是虚假的,勉强控制你们不去知道真相,那都会改变,新闻记者将被授予自由采访权利。一人控制太多的出口,不允许自由言论。然而,我们声 明,事实是已经渐渐趋向更自由的表达,不过还是离符合要求很远。

When disclosure is announced we wish for correct and accurate coverage, and that people will understand what we represent and our true reason for making contact with you. There will inevitably be those who hold views that see us some threat to their beliefs, but that is to be expected. The question is whether they can accept that in the past, that much information and teachings have been based on less than reliable or inaccurate sources. We do not condemn such souls, and simply wish that they carefully consider what we have to say. The truth will bite at many accepted beliefs and practices, and it is intended to allow a great step forward.

当“揭露”被宣告,我们希望正确无误的新闻报道,这样人们才能了解,我们重新制定了什么,以及我们接触你们的真实意图。无可避免的是,总会有人会以 他们的信仰基础去看待我们,我们都预料到了。问题是他们是不是能够接受过去,那么多的信息和教导基于“误导真相”而给予他们。我们当然不会指责这些灵魂, 我们只是简单的希望,他们能够仔细的分析我们说的话。“真相”会颠覆许多过去的信仰基础,目的是允许一个更大的前进步伐。

With the changes your consciousness levels will increase, and your capacity for understanding greater truths will increase tenfold and more. You will naturally become more discerning, and all of these changes will propel you nearer to becoming a Galactic Being. You will be given every help as you progress towards this time, as our concern is not just for your safety but the successful completion of this cycle. The future is golden and such a comparison to what you have known in the past. You will have freedom of travel, and restraints such as you experience now will disappear. If you so desire you can be totally independent of anyone else, as you will be self-supporting and create all of your needs. The chances are that you will desire to explore the Galaxy, and therefore likely to become a member of one of the Federations that do so. A visit to your Space family would also be appealing, to renew acquaintances with those who had long faded from your memory.

随着改变你们的意识级别会提高,你们对于“伟大真理”的理解力也会提升10倍或更多。你们会很自然的变得更加具有洞察力,所有这些改变都是把你推向 并成为一个“银河存有”。你们会被给予关于每一步提升的帮助,我们关心的不光是你们安全的提升,而是完全的提升并完结这次循环。未来是金色的,将与你们的 过去形成对比。你们将有自由旅行的能力,带着“约束”的体验会消失。如果你愿意你可以与其他人完全独立,因此你会成为一个自给自足,自由创造你所需要的 人。如果你愿意你也可以仔细探索银河系,因此,好比成为我们“银河联邦”的一份子这样。作为一个拜访者参观你的星际家庭是多么吸引人,重拾那些在你记忆中 与你有过联系的人的美好记忆。

Duality has kept you from knowing the truth about yourself, and you have been led to believe that you were meant to be lesser Beings subservient to those in power. Indeed, if the Illuminati had their way and succeeded in world control, you would not have known any difference. Freeing yourselves from their clutches has opened your eyes as to what has really been going on around you. Now you can re-claim your sovereignty, and begin to assert yourself to regain your full rights. Certainly changes to the Law will be made to remove unjust laws that were intended to place you under draconian controls. We talk of countries all over the world, as none are an exception where unfair laws are concerned. You have been fooled into thinking you were free, but that has been far from the truth.

二元世界把你和你知觉的真实自己分开,你被教导成为一个较低的存有去听从于那些拥有权力的人。真相是,如果“光照派”成功控制世界,你也不会有任何 感觉。把你自己从他们的魔爪中释放出来,打开眼睛真正看看什么才是围绕你的。现在,你能够重申你的独立自主的能力,坚持主张获得你的全部权利。当然,法则 的改变也会纠正那些一直把你从一直桎梏你的控制中解放。我们对世界所有的国家说,没人能在不公平的法律下得到特赦。你被愚弄去相信你是自由的,其实这个自 由离真理太远。

Young but wise souls have been coming to Earth for quite sometime, and now they shape up to share their knowledge with you. After disclosure they will be ready to share their wisdom with you, helping people to understand what remains to be done to prepare for Ascension. Young they may be, but they are very old souls who have deliberately chosen this time to be of help to those who are awakening. Service is sought to share whatever ones abilities are, to advance those souls also making their way along the pathways to the higher dimensions. Wherever you go in the Galaxy, you will find that all souls are connected through an immutable bond of love. That is perhaps the beauty of discovering other civilizations that are at various stages of advancement, and finding that all come from a common source. The grand design of the Creator is never ending, and life abounds all around you.

年轻的智慧灵魂正在陆续的来到地球,现在他们顺利的在与你们分享他们的知识。在“揭露”之后,他们会准备分享智慧给你们,帮助人们去知道如何去准备 提升。他们也许年轻,但是他们其实是非常老的灵魂,他们只是选择在这个时间去帮助大众觉醒。“服务”是去寻找分享每个人的特殊能力,去提高灵魂的水平让他 们沿着他们的提升道路进入更高的维度。不论你到银河系的哪里,你会发现所有的灵魂都被永恒不变之爱的纽带绑定着。发现其他的银河文明在各自不同的发展程度 中也是一个美丽的发现,发现所有的文明其实都是来自一个源头。造物主的伟大的蓝图永不会停止,生命无处不在。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that we of the Galactic Federation have been assigned the task of guiding you all to Ascension. It is a privilege accorded to us because of our past links with your genetic evolution, and our hand in your growth and awakening. So you will understand that we have been with you for eons of time, and none have been quite as important as the period you are in now. What is happening is known throughout the Universe, and many visitors excitedly draw near to you to witness yours and Mother Earth unique Ascension. There is also the spectacle of earth changes that will be quite extensive, and transform your Earth to one of utter beauty. They will be befitting of the higher dimensions that you are entering, where only Love and Light can exist. Where peace and harmony are constant, and where you can fully use your creative powers.

我是来自天狼星的SaLuSa,我们作为银河联邦能够被指派指导你们的提升,是多么的荣幸。这个特别指派是因为我们的过去连接在你们的基因进化中, 我们来自你们的成长和觉醒。所以你会知道我们与你们连接了亿万年,没有什么比你们现在经历的更加重要。发生的一切都在处处影响着宇宙,许多的拜访者们激动 的接近你们,就是为了见证你们和地球母亲的独一无二的提升。这是一个来自地球的壮观改变景象,它也将不断延伸出去,转变你们的星球成为完美之美。你们进入 的更高维度将是合适的,只有光与爱的存在。那里和平和安定是永恒,在那里你可以完全的使用你的无限创造力。

I would ask you to ready yourselves for the exciting times ahead, and focus on the benefits and changes that are to prepare you for upliftment. Keep in your Light at all times, and give of it freely to others. On behalf of the members of the Galactic Federation, I send our Love and Blessings to you.


Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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