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The Voice- Father Melchizedek

The voice within often speaks but is seldom heard in the consciousness of its receiver. You have been programmed to hear that which is external through your outer physical ears. The various noises that you are subjected to on your plane of existence contaminate your ability to listen in silence and to silence. That which is on the outside creates confusion and hampers the ability of your spirit to have a voice in your lives. It is this voice in priority to all others that you should be attentive to; for this is the voice which will offer wisdom, truth, discernment, clarity and reason.



This voice is in fact the voice of the inner God whose utterances are in fact directives which will enable you to secure in your understanding greater knowledge of your place, purpose and role. It is the hidden wealth that you seek after, during your sojourn on earth. Seldom do you start your exploration within and there lies your error in judgment. The journey to find yourselves, your motivations, your passion, your purpose, your root, must always as a matter of course commence inwardly. It is the inward journey that provides the petrol which sustains the outward journey. It is where you go when you need to refill your engines that you may continue through your life experiences in a knowing way. Many journey outwardly with an empty gas tank. They are not filled from within and therefore seek to sustain themselves by that which is external to them. The external always becomes spent which engenders discontent and which inevitably leads to hungering for more which tend to be conceptually matter or material.
这 个声音其实是内在的上帝之音,上帝的话语实际上是指令,确保你能够理解关于你的处境,目的与角色的伟大知识。

它是你在地球的旅居期间所追求的隐蔽资产。你 很少展开内在的探索,这是你的判断失误。寻找自己,寻找你的动力,热情,目的,根源的旅途,必须始终理所当然地始于内在。

是内在之旅提供汽油,维持着外在 之旅。当你需要重新补给你的发动机,你必须前往内在,这样你才能带着明知继续穿过你的生命体验。

许多人带着空空如也的油箱向外旅行。他们没有经由内在获得 补给,因此通过外在去寻求支撑。外在始终消耗着令人产生不满足的东西,这不可避免地导向渴求更多概念上的物质或物资。

There are those who make a conscious choice not to go inwardly to seek for they do not believe that anything exists there. Their entire lives gravitate around a limited understanding that conjures mental pictures of greatness achieved through the out workings of material wealth. This is how they seek to define themselves and present themselves to the world. They form fixed views as to what is required for them to accomplish in order to carve out a name for themselves in the world. Frequently they seek to achieve recognition as someone, through the gaining of things, be it money power or fame. Yet empty are their inner coffers for they refuse to give their inner being (the truth of their identity) a say in their lives. Many decline to answer the call of their inner promptings or merely pay lip service to it. Their lives become either that of a speeding train whose brakes have malfunctioned or a defective train which makes gradual moves then comes to a standstill for lack of fuel. All because that inner voice is ignored or buried deep below the noise clutter within the human ego mind. The voice of the ego seeks supremacy and that is the voice most listened to and followed. The ego seeks to show off its grandeur through the arrogance of all knowing and in some cases seeks to assume its rightful place by its measure against the elitist barometer.
有 些人有意识地选择不向内在寻求,因为他们认为内在一无所有。他们的整个人生倾向于围绕着一个狭隘的理解,祈求通过物质财富的外在运作,获得伟大的心灵图景。他们寻求这样去定义自己,这样将自己呈现于世界。对于将自己的名字铭刻于世界所必须达成的,他们形成一种顽固的观点。他们经常通过获得一些事物去寻求 认可,无论是金钱,权力或名誉。然而他们的内在金库空空如也,因为他们拒绝让自己的内在存在参与自己的生命。很多人拒绝回应他们内在的激励,或者仅仅给它 空口回应。他们的生命要么变成一列超速行驶但刹车失灵的火车,要么是一列缓慢移动然后由于缺乏燃料而停止行驶的故障火车。这都是因为那个内在之音被忽视, 或者深深埋葬在人类小我心智的喧闹噪音之下。小我的声音寻求至高权力,这是人们经常听从与追随的声音。小我经由自以为无所不知的傲慢,寻求去炫耀其高贵, 某些情况下,小我会通过对比衡量精英标志,想当然地以为自己是正确的。

Your whole journey on your plane is meant for you to find yourself through inner awareness and discover your most potent sword and shield, being your inner power derived from knowing that God resides within you and that it is His voice which echoes through His guidance that will assist you in forging a life that is spirit worthy and fulfilling. When you can hear that inner voice, should you decide to follow its directions you shall find that your path will appear clear and even though there may be inevitable bumps along the way, the voice within shall always show you how to surmount them or how to see them for the value they have in teaching you the lessons you need to learn as you journey towards wholeness and mastery. The voice within will always speak truth and offer balanced perspectives and guidance. It is not there to fuel your ego or to provide unconditional support in your effort to assert your “rightness”. It is there to guide and to teach that you may through your earthly life learn to adopt its voice as your voice, its wisdom and mastery as yours so that you can live and be you as you allow the God within to manifest.
你在地球上的整个旅程是为了通过内在觉察寻找自己,发现你最强有力的刀剑与盾牌,它们作为你的内在力量,起源于那种认知——上 帝位于你的内在,回响贯穿于上帝之指引的上帝之音,协助你锻造一个精神上有价值而又充实的人生。当能够听到那内在之音,你决定追随它的指引,你将发现你的 道路变得清晰,即使沿途可能会有不可避免的颠簸,那内在之音也将始终指引你如何克服它们,或者如何发现随着你朝向一体与主控旅行,它们对于你所需课程的教导价值。内在之音将始终讲述真理,给予平衡的洞察与指引。它不会供给你的小我,不会对你所维护的个人正确提供无条件的支持。它会指引并教导你,你可以通过你的地球人生学习接纳它的声音成为你的声音,它的智慧与控制力量成为你的,这样你可以活出你自己,随着你允许内在之上帝显现。

If you could but spare moments in your days to clear the inner clutter and invite your friend within to speak, you shall hear most clearly and you will begin to know the difference between your inner voice and your outer voice( which is controlled predominantly by ego) and thus you will begin a harmonious relationship with your spirit. You will live your life within the aura of higher understanding and shall constantly effort to extend yourselves to maintain communion with the source of your divine energy.
如 果你能够花一些时间清理内在的混乱,邀请你的内在之友讲话,你将极其清晰地倾听,你将开始认识到内在之音与外在之音(主要由小我所控制)的区别,这样你将 与你的精神开始一种和谐的关系。你将在更高的理解氛围内生活,将始终致力于扩展你自己去保持与你的神圣能量之源的联系。

I am Father Melchizedek and I exhort you to listen, listen to the hidden silent voice for this is what all men seek on his outward journey. To have a voice you must find your voice, that which is real and enduring. It is your inner voice that will transform your outward journey and affect the course of your life on earth.
我是Father Melchizedek,我劝告你们去倾听,倾听那隐藏的寂静之音,因为这就是所有人在外在之旅中所追求的。要拥有一个声音,你必须寻找到自己的声音,那真实而永久的声音。你的内在之音将转变你的外在之旅,影响你在地球的人生历程。

In the Light I come to bring blessings.


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