因為你們擁有每個靈魂都有無限的生命並且是不朽的承諾,無論你們的光怎樣 黯淡,都能夠被重新激發。



SaLuSa   30-June-2010

Depending on your understanding of what surrounds events now taking place you are probably feeling exhilarated, or have a certain foreboding about the future. Man has been conditioned to accept trouble and strife as a natural part of life’s experience, and has never been given the encouragement to think otherwise. Yet as sovereign Beings you are entitled to choose happy and fulfilling experiences. So what has resulted in you losing your way, and what is the answer? Dear Ones, you allowed others to take control, and as the vibrations gradually dropped even lost your memories of having been greater Beings. The path back has been torturous and painful, but to your credit you have never given up. With help to awaken you to your true Self and your full potential, you have begun to realise that you are special. You have lived lives surrounded by so much negativity, that your Light has almost been diminished but you have risen up again. Your Light however dim can be re-vitalised, because the promise is that every soul has infinite life and is immortal.

根据你们对于周围什么事件正在发生的理解,你们可能感到兴奋,或者对未来有某种预感。人类已经习惯于接受麻烦和冲突作 为人生经历的自然的一部分,从来没有被鼓励去思考其他方面。然而,作为至高无上的存在,你们有权去选择幸福的和令人满意的经历。那么,是什么导致你们迷失 了你们的道路,答案是什么?亲爱的朋友,你们允许他人的控制,并且当振动逐渐下跌的时候,甚至丢失了你们的一直是更伟大的存在的记忆。回归的道路已经成了 折磨人的和痛苦的,但是你们从来没有放弃过你们的信誉。随着回忆起你们的真实的自我和你们的全部潜力而唤醒你们,你们已经开始意识到你们是特别的。你们过 着被如此多的负面性包围着的生活,你们的光几乎已经减退了,但是你们再一次提升。因为你们拥有每个灵魂都有无限的生命并且是不朽的承诺,无论你们的光怎样 黯淡,都能够被重新激发。

As you go through the last years before Ascension, your focus on it will be assailed by what appears to be the end of the world. The prophecies of Armageddon will seem to be coming to fulfilment, and fear will fill many people. However, before events seem unstoppable, amazing developments will turn the tide to one of reversing the trends. Suddenly the answers will come through revelations that are accompanied by the truth. That which was hidden from you will be brought out into the open for cleansing, so that where you have been denied the opportunity to advance yourselves, it will now be placed before you. We refer to many discoveries that would have enhanced and lifted your lives to a more acceptable level, and we along with many other sources are now empowered to ensure that what is due to you is received.

当你们走过扬升前的最后几年,你们集中在它上的注意力将被看起来好像是世界末日的事情所干扰。世界末日 的预言似乎正在实现,许多人充满了恐惧。然而,就在事情似乎势不可挡之前,惊人的发展会把局势扭转到一个逆转的趋势。突然,答案将会在真理的陪伴下水落石 出。为了实现净化,那对你们隐藏的事将会公开显示,这样,在哪里你们被拒绝给予提高你们自己的机会,现在它将被放在你们面前。我们指的是许多新发现,它们 会提高和举起你们的生活到一个更加可以接受的水平,并且我们连同许多其它来源现在被授权来确保什么是你们应该接收到的。

Like you the Earth must be cleansed, as having had the use of it for your experiences you cannot just walk away from the conditions you have left it in. Remember that you are ascending with Mother Earth, and like you she has to make preparations for it. Nothing would be learnt from your experiences if you did not understand the consequences of your actions, and did not accept responsibility for them. This is very much the same for you as an individual, and you too have to learn from your mistakes. That is the whole point of you passing through the cycle of duality, and as we always remind you, you eagerly put yourself forward for the experience. We might be prompted to ask that now you are in sight of the finishing line, why some should lose sight of the fact that nothing can prevent Ascension.

就像你们一样,地球必须被清洁,因为,为了你们的经验你们使用它,你们不能就这样从你们留在它上面的状况中一走了之。记住你们是与地球母亲一起提升的,像 你们一样她不得不为它做准备。如果你们不了解你们行动的后果,并且不为它们承担责任,从你们经历中将什么也学不到。对于作为一个个体的你来说,这是同样 的,你也必须从你的错误中学习。这就是你穿越二元性循环的全部的意义,而且因为我们总是提醒你,你渴望把你自己付诸经历中。我们也许被提示去问问你们,现 在你们正在看得到终点线的位置,为什么有些人会忽略这样的一个事实,那就是什么也不能阻止扬升。

In spite of the doom and doom outlook of certain people, try to see beyond the immediate happenings and enjoy what you will experience in the immediate period before Ascension. Even better occupy your mind with what you will become after it, with all its promise of happiness and a blissful existence. Be patient and if you have the opportunity, help others in despair to overcome it and have faith in the future. Many, many groups are forming and pressing for immediate changes, and their protests will not go unheeded. You are becoming the voice of the people, and it carries a potent energy that will attract the means to manifest it. That is how the Law of Attraction works so we ask you to use it where you can.

不要管某些人的死亡和毁灭的观点,试着超越当前所发生的事情去看,并且享受你们在扬升之前的 这个的时期将要经验的事情。用你们之后将会变成怎样,用所有的对于幸福的和一种充满喜悦的存在的承诺,来占据你们的头脑会更好。要有耐心,如果你们有机会 的话,帮助在绝望中的其他人去战胜它,并相信未来。许多,许多的团体正在形成并且迫切要求立即的改变,他们的抗议不会被忽视。你们正在变成大众的声音,它 带着一个强有力的能量,将吸引展现它的方式。这就是吸引力定律如何工作,因此我们要求你们在任何能够使用它的地方使用它。

The whole Universe is proceeding in an orderly fashion as it prepares to ascend, and yet the attention is being paid to you on Earth as a vital part of it. You must be ready for when the great day arrives, and your Universe will seemingly disappear, only to re-appear instantly in a higher vibration. That is the scale of what is happening, and you may ponder what magnificent Being can wield such power, and think no further than the God of your Universe. Can you imagine for one minute how powerful that makes you, because you all carry the God Spark? You have of course yet to manifest your full potency, but in time as you ascend to even higher dimensions it will gradually come about.

当它准备提升的时候,整个宇宙以一种有序的方式进行,然而,作为它的一个重要组成部分,在地球上的你们正被给予注意。你们必须为伟大的一天的到来做好准备,你们的世界看起来似乎消失了,却会在一个更高的振动中瞬间重现。这就是什么正在发生的规 模,你们或许会沉思是怎样宏伟的存在可以施展这种力量,并且认为不会有比你们的宇宙之神更超越的了。你们能想象的出,因为你们所有人都带有上帝的火花,在 一分钟内你们会多么强大吗?当然你们已经显现出你们的全部的力量,不过当你们提升到更高的维度时,它适时地逐渐发生。

We urge you to follow David Wilcock and his revelations, if you want to keep abreast with what is happening in the world and beyond it. Get as you might say the low down on many happenings, and the likely outcome. David has assigned himself to bringing you the truth, and is a highly respected soul who has a total commitment to his work. Many look for guidance and seek a reliable source, and he is one that tops the list. David inspires such confidence and assurance that his goal is to reveal the truth. At the same time setting out the likely scenario that will lead you out of the darkness, and into the Light. Our protection goes out to anyone that serves the Light, and there are many of you that do it. You are all loved and respected for your total commitment to the role you have undertaken for the benefit of all. Your beautiful world has been blessed with the presence of so many Beings of Light, that they will bring more Light to it.

如果你们想要跟上在这个世界中正在发生的事情并且超越它的话,我们 强烈建议你们跟随David Wilcock和他的发现。得到可以说是许多事件的内幕,以及很有可能的结果。David指派他自己带给你们真相,是一个非常受人尊敬的灵魂,他完全恪守 他的工作。许多人寻求引导并且寻找一个可靠来源,他是这个名单上名列首位的一个。David激发了这样的信心并保证他的目标是揭示真相。同时展示了会引导 你们走出黑暗并进入光的可能的方案。我们的保护向着任何服务于光的人开放,你们有许多人做这件事。你们全部都是被珍爱和被尊敬的,因为你们完全恪守为了所 有人的利益而承担的任务。你们的美丽的世界已经被赐予如此多的光之存在,他们将为它带来更多的光。

The darkness on your Earth that threatened to destroy it has been stopped from causing such a monumental disaster, that it would have taken eons of time to recover from. It has happened to other planets in your solar system, and it effects every other planet causing displacement and damage. It can even cause a planet to become uninhabitable for many thousands of years. God has decreed that your jewel in the sky, your shimmering Earth shall not be destroyed and the Galactic Federation will ensure that you are safe from danger. You have on more than one occasion faced total annihilation, and we have stepped in for you.

威胁要毁灭地球的,在你们的地球上的黑暗已经被阻止造成一个需要亿万年的时间来恢复的重大的灾难。它已经在你们太 阳系的其它行星上发生过,它影响到所有其他的行星,造成了位移和伤害。它甚至会导致一个行星变得数千年不适宜居住。神已经颁布法令命你们的天空中的宝石, 你们的闪烁的地球不得被摧毁,银河联盟将确保你们脱离危险。你们已经不止一次地面临完全灭绝,我们已经为了你们而介入。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust you are being uplifted by the good news that we bring. You will one day very soon, learn a lot about your past history and the final chapter will end with your Ascension. Once out of the cycle of duality your evolution will steadily proceed, as you move into higher, and higher dimensions. You have everything to look forward too, and nothing you have now will compare with what you will have once you have ascended. Keep it mind when you are distracted by earthly matters, and know that they can have no effect upon you unless you allow it to be so. Our love goes with you all forever.

我是SaLuSa来自天狼星,相信你们正因为我们带来得好消息而提升。很快有一天,你们会学习许多关于你们的过去,和以你们的扬升为最后一章的结束的历 史。一旦脱离了二元性的循环,随着你们进入更高的,和更高的维度,你们将稳步前进。你们也拥有所期望的一切,你们现在所拥有的没有什么可以与一旦你们提升 之后你们将拥有的相比较。当你们被地球上的事情搅的心烦意乱的时候,记住这一点,并且知道它们对你们没有任何作用,除非你们允许它这样的。我们的爱永远与 你们所有人在一起。


Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
翻译: Maria


SaLuSa, July 5, 2010

我们目前的启蒙任务最终将结束这种交流方式,代之以一种类似于对所有人发表演讲的方式。在最初的时期,我们会通过你们现有的媒体诸如电视跟你们讲话。然而 在适当的时候,将会有更加个人式的接触,类似于你们的手机,除了它是以一种不同的技术为基础之外。它将使你们能够和任何人交谈,不论他们在世界的哪个地 方。你们目前的系统放出有害的辐射,就像其他许多你们在每日的生活中使用的电器一样。你们所使用的这些类型的能量的改变将十分深远,直到它们全部来自使用 安全和无污染的免费能源为止。

当然地,这些改变必须包括你们目前使用的不同的运输方式,它们产生巨大的污染并且对所有的生命形式有害。你们许多的疾病就是它的结果,更不用说对你们地球 的影响,已经变成了严重中毒的结果。在这些事情上,你们的科学家和专家很清楚危险的存在,但是为了保护那些负有责任的公司,他们的建议都被无视。你们被毫 无必要的抑制,从本来应该是自然地发展到天然清洁能源被广泛的使用上。正如我们之前提到的,对你们政府的谴责就是他们为了他们自己的使用而保留了这些先进 技术(不公开)。他们的秘密军事基地使用每一种能想像的到的先进技术,它们本来可以大大地利益你们的生活质量。

我们的任务将仍然继续陪你们到扬升,但是它也要求我们带你们进入自由能量以及所有其它的好处的新时代。事实上,我们会在一起很长一段时间,远远超出满足你 们当下的需求,而应该成为一。你们的命运是去宇宙中旅行,一旦你们扬升并住在你们的更高意识中,宇宙将会向你们敞开。你们之中的许多人已经获得了这样一种 水平,你们在地球上的存在正唤醒其他人的光与爱的力量。这是你们应该瞄准的目标,它是可以实现的,这就是为什么你们被给予如此多的帮助和鼓励。实际上,你 们的意识水平在非常迅速地持续增长,如果你们致力于扬升,你们就一定会成功。随着你们身体的不可避免地改变,你们将注意到一种更温和的能量的存在,并且拥 有一种更为健康的性情。在更高的维度中,疾病是闻所未闻的,它仅仅在较低的例如你们的维度中盛行。

你的未来是被保证,即使你不在那些渴望提升的人之中。那些监督人类进程的计划了你们的演化,许多次它掉进了较低的维度。每次一有机会就再起来,以一个周密 的计划为了实现你们的提升。你们将要结束的循环就是这样一个例子,尽管你们必须找到你们自己的回家之路,你们会在每一个转弯处得到帮助。当光的回归被看见 的时候,你们吸引了那些服务于你们的老师们的注意。他们化身进入灵性更发达的国家,为了更大的进步帮忙创造条件。

或许看起来你们好象正被你们无法控制的事件所摆布,但事实上,你们全体拥有改变它们的力量。例如,你们促成了现在正在发生的改变,并从 旧的范式中重新定向人们的关注焦点,通过看到它的不足之处而进入一个新的带来自由与和平的视野。是的,这需要时间,但是一旦种子被播种,它们将会结出果 实,你们刚刚开始看到新的理念在被验正,它们将带给你们期待已久的变化。因为它开始于底部从下往上,你们拥有比你们想象的要大得多的影响。一如既往的,恐 惧无论如何是要避免的,因为它喂养了世世代代使你们在它的控制之下的那个源头。是爱与光将转化它,并且是黑暗者无法防御的。

在不久的将来,当事情看起来变得更加严重的时候,你们的忍耐会经历严酷地考验。然而,答案是与我们和我们的同盟一起,我们将扭转你们现在看见的这个危险的 趋势。我们想与你们见面,以适合这样一种场合而应有的仪式,不能够仅仅到达而没有与你们的领导人的首次接近。唯一有异议的是在哪里我们被给予神圣的许可来 这样做。你们将会了解银河联盟并不是一些太空生物的抢劫集团,我们有组织地维持宇宙的安全,帮助年轻的文明不受干扰地发展。我们执行那些有上帝之耳者的命 令,并执行他的进化的计划。

即使在你们最低迷的绝望的时刻,光之存在也与你们在一起,并试图减轻你们的忧虑。他们帮你们重新爬起来,并举起你们进入光中,这样你们就能找到希望和新的 启发。不管你们处于什么状况,你们永远不会孤单,如果你们愿意只是倾听的话,你们的守护天使将会为了你们好而影响你们。有的时候,你们需要创造一个宁静的 时刻,以便他们能够传达到你。灵感的念头常常是这样接触的一种结果,不同于你们的自我不会让你们误入歧途。事实上,是你们的自我常常控制了你们的生活,把 你们为自己建造的形象强加在你们身上。亲爱的朋友,走向内并聆听你们的高我来了解你们真正是谁,和你们的才能是什么。你们的自我有时候会限制你们从你们所 造成的精神状态中改变的能力。

我们不是唯一在这里帮助你们睁开你们的双眼去看见在你们前方的非凡的机遇的。在各个不同的层面都有老师和助手。他们带着各式各样的技能和经验来到地球,对 于那些他们完全地投入的方面经常是术业有专攻。他们来自许多不同的行星正如我们一样,志愿承担那些需要他们充分合作的任务。他们的生命并不是你们的普通的 化身,因为他们已经扬升,通常不需要进一步的地球上的经验。他们的到来出于对你们的爱,认识到你们的神之火花并承认你们在二元性中的最后的时间。


Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
翻译: Maria

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